Hello all who are listening.

My name is Leon and I am a jolly young lad. You probably know me from my popular website, or from my highly-subscribed youtube channel I would now like to get better accquainted with you. Let me tell you a bit about me. I was born one fine day in Boise, Idaho (the potato capital of these United States.) I grew up a fine young fellow with a younger and much stranger brother Toby. At the rousing young age of 2, I became interested in (or addicted to, as some may say) Pokemon when my older cousin Fabio was at my house watching the show. I immediately turned to the television set, and was captivated by the funny Japanese anime characters. At the age of 4 I met another young lad, who lived on my street, named Tony who also had a great interest in Pokemon. Tony would soon become my best friend. When Tony and I were 5 we entered kindergarten, and were luckily in the same class taught by Mrs. Honeywells. We spent most of our time sitting at the very back of the "magic carpet" discussing Pokemon, and were often scolded by Mrs. Honeywells. After kindergarten Tony and I went on to first grade, where we were unfortunately not in the same class, but fear not, for such charming, handsome, captivating young lads had no trouble at all meeting new friends. However Tony and I were still best buddies. The rest of our elementary school careers was mostly like any other kids. When we entered middle school in the sixth grade we were thrilled to discover we had 6 out of a possible 8 classes a day together! Victory! In middle school I found enjoyment in many things, other than just Pokemon (though it is still my number 1.) I joined multiple school sanctioned clubs and teams such as chess club, glee club, fantasy club, and robotics team. At the beginning of my 7th grade year I established my own freewebs site and began posting many interesting things on it. I wrote stories, created a page for my bff tony, and made a blog to chronicle the daily happenings of my life. This became a great comfort for me and I enjoyed sharing my innermost thoughts with complete strangers. Surprisingly (as I am usually not one to follow through on things) I have kept up to date with my website or almost two years now. Now back to school-talk. Throughout my three years in middle school I blossomed into a fine young fellow. As I am writing this I am sad to say the start of a new school year is two short days away, yes this means Wednesday. I will be starting high school and, although I am fearful, I am certain I will make many new friends and get perfect grades. In four years you will probably see me graduating Number 1 in my class and attending Harvard University where I will recieve my PhD in Animation. So this is it for now, but fear not, for in approximately 5 years times I can bet you will be watching my shows on the Cartoon Network. (And what I am writing right now will probably be turned into my Best Selling autobiograohy; Leon: The Life and Times.

Yes so if you read all of that you are lucky to have had a sneak peak at my future New York Times Best Selling Autobiography. And if you did not read it please, buy my autobiography when it comes out, thanks!

So to wrap this up thank you for stopping by my Wiki page. It means the world and if you leave my your name, I will surely mention you in my Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. (Yes, I am going to win the Nobel Peace Prize, just so you know.)


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