I just thought i would make a list of all the people in my life that i talk about often so u can make sure u know who i am talking about:

1. Tony- My bff, my wingman, the peanut butter to my jelly. Leon and tony: friends till the end of time

2. Toby- An obnoxious little creature I unfortunately have to call my brother

3. Maurice- Me and Tony's friend we met in high school

4. Preston- Maurice's bud I met in high school

5. Enrique- Stupid idiot who won the class president election over me

6. Wayne- A weird, smelly kid in my biology class

7. Fabio- My cousin, who was the person that turned on the first Pokemon episode I ever watched (Thanks Fab!)

8. Clyde- An ignoramus that i had a spirited debate with on the factuality of the movie E.T.

9. The Idaho 5- My school's toughest gang

10. Mrs. Honeywells- Me and Tony's kindergarten teacher who scolded us frequently

11. Nemo Omen- A weird kid on youtube that I am much cooler than

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