Oh my floopledoodles!!!! Where do i start on this wonderful subject which i like to call pokemon!!!! (gotta catch em all) Well my all time fave pokemon is (dun duh duh dun!!!!) PIKACHU!!!!!! He is tottally awseome!!!!!

(Raichu is soooo dumb, he is just a lame ripoff of pikachu!!!!)

i hate team rocket!!!!! They stink on ice!!!! oh my gosh im sorry for my language, but team rocket gets me riled up!

I love ASHH!!!! he is a cool dude, my fave part is when his hat turns backwards when he is in a duel!!! Its like magic!!! Misty is prettty cool.... FOR A GIRL!!!!! I mean honestly she is no Ash, but she is ah-ight (alright)

My other fave pokemon are Squirtle, Geodude, and Mewtew

(MEOWTH HAS PROBLEMS!!!!!!) oh jeesh im being a bad boy today, i need to watch my mouth

[off track moment:

but this one time when i was playing pokemon pearl and i lost a battle i said "Fiddlesticks!" and my mom made me go talk to an anger management specialist!!!! Seriously she is sooooo psychotic!!!!]

thats all for now


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