Hello everyone, thank u for joining me today

I understand many people love me. I have been getting comments like "Oh u r the greatest!" and "u r indestrcualteble" So i know lots of u guys think that i am superheuman and can do anything. Well.... that is not the case. I can do almost everything (which is why i dont have a list of what i can do) But the following are some of the few things i can not do:

1. Play sports
2. Beat people up
3. Do a kickfllip
4. Play the banjo
5. Tie my shoes (velcro is the way to go!)
and 6. I can not eat BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!

So that is the list of what i can not do, so u all know i am a normal person just like u.... and u.... and u..... oh but not u Wayne (weird kid in my biology class!)

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